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Tat Ha My Linh Former student STHC

When I first came to the world stage, I saw a lot of new things, the most foreign contestants in Europe were equipped with “monumental”, but because I myself have been well prepared from the school and the experience from the previous contests, at the 5-star hotel, so I feel confident and not overwhelmed with rivals Europe and America …

Tất Hà Mỹ Linh, Former student Culinary Arts
Thượng Mỹ An Former student of Restaurant Management

It has never been so clear that the joy of triumphs and nationalist convergence, when the jury announced the results, they said: “The third prize belongs to a small girl, from a far-away country, who is an excellent candidate from … Vietnam”. And everyone in the Hall stood up and applauded enthusiastically, only I cried … “Once again, I have brought this glory to my beloved Vietnam”. Those are the memories that never fade in the period when I was a trainee in tourism… ”

Thượng Mỹ An, Former student of Restaurant Management
Nguyen Thi Bich Chi Former student of Tour Guiding

My 20-year-old school has given me a solid foundation and the first steps on my career path. The modern, friendly and civilized learning environment makes many generations of students always engraved and proud. Where you form and nurture your dreams, where you can be yourself, where passionate teachers and friends are always on your side. That Place – Saigontourist Hotel and Tourism College!

Nguyễn Thị Bích Chi, Former student of Tour Guiding
Tran Ngoc Hieu Former student of Restaurant Management

On a trip to Nha Trang, I was very impressed with the guys who manage the restaurants and hotels in nice and polite clothes, service style was very professional, I took the entrance exam for Saigontourist Hotel and Tourism School ”. The bartender profession in developed countries is very strong, Tourists not only enjoy the taste of the drink but also want to admire the performance of the bartender. Therefore, this job is also a living by your passion, This subject is also an art and requires learners as well as people performing have to practice regularly …

Trần Ngọc Hiếu, Former student of Restaurant Management