At STHC, we offer four comprehensive two-year degree programs in an inspiring, and professional environment that teaches students the skills necessary gain to successful and serious employment. Our hands-on programs attract recent high school graduates and mature students alike. Students can specialize in Culinary Arts,  Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, or Tour Guiding.

Students receive an in-depth educational experience in their field of choice. First and foremost, our students are taught to be efficient workers, team players, and responsible citizens. We integrate values such as honesty, enthusiasm, and integrity in to everyday learning so that our students have the skills to succeed in real-world situations. What makes the STHC experience different is our unique pride in the tourism and hospitality industries, and our passion for helping others.

                     Culinary Arts                                       Hotel Management                            Restaurant Management                                Tour Guiding


STHC also offers a number of short vocational courses that range from 1 to 6 months. Some of our short term courses allow students to specialize in subject matters such as bartending, European cuisine, hotel and restaurant management, communications and customer service, and much more.