TRAINING PERIOD: 03 months. ( 3 days / week )


The course is designed for those who have completed the course of Vietnamese cooking class or have got hands-on work experience in cookery in hotels or restaurants.

Intensive practice – 40 sophisticated dishes of Vietnam, China, Korea, Thailand, Japan

  1. Mixed five-color salad
    Advanced Course of Asian Cuisine

    Advanced Course of Asian Cuisine

  2. Stewed pork stomach with pepper
  3. Roasted pigeon
  4. Crispy seabass with sweet and sour sauce
  5. Hongkong ribs
  6. Fried anchovy with salt
  7. Black chicken herbal soup
  8. Grilled/ baked seabass with salt
  9. Crispy rice with sea cucumber
  10. Steamed grouper in Hong Kong style
  11. Grilled/ baked beef with pepper sauce
  12. Grilled fish paste with turmeric
  13. Stewed pork trotter with black moss
  14. Shark fin soup
  15. Roasted pork
  16. Roasted duck
  17. Chicken stuffed with mixed rice
  18. Grilled eel with chili salt
  19. Grilled kumquat mixed cake
  20. Fried prawn with salted egg
  21. Three-type kimchi
  22. Bibimbap
  23. Sundafu
  24. Grilled pork
  25.  Frog porridge
  26. Water lily hotpot
  27. Shrimp wraps
  28. Hainanese chicken rice
  29. Fried sticky rice
  30. Deep fried sticky rice
  31. Seafood rolls
  32. Shrimp with spicy sauce
  33. Duck with red curry
    Advanced Course of Asian Cuisine

    Advanced Course of Asian Cuisine

  34. Thai grilled fish cake
  35. Thai papaya salad
  36. Tomyangkung
  37. Three-style sushi
  38. Miso soup
  39. Grilled mackerel


  • Air-conditioned classrooms with modern equipment classrooms and study materials meeting international standards.
  • Teachers with intensive working experience in international hotels and restaurants and in-depth training overseas.
  • The training certificate is recognized domestically and internationally.


  • Graduates can work at cooking section of restaurants or hotels.
  • STHC Employment Center will assist support graduates in looking for jobs in hotels and restaurants upon request.


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