Students make cakes with teacher training

Students make cakes with teacher training


Level of training: Vocational degree

Form of training:  Full time

Candidates: High-school graduates or equivalent

Training time: Two years

Employment opportunities after graduation: Graduates of  Baking Techniques can work as

  • bakers, team leaders of pastry section, bread section and other important position in bakery
  • Employees at hotels, restaurants, resorts and other businesses
  • The school offers jobs for graduates.

Training objectives:

Knowledge: Graduates of Baking Technique course can:

  • Grasp in-depth knowledge of baking techniques and make Asian-style and European-style desserts
  • Understand procedures of baking and make Asian-style and European-style desserts
  • Be provided with additional knowledge for baking field such as management, food science, food procurement, sanitation and hygiene, culinary culture, accounting, building menus and techniques of making desserts.
  • Have knowledge of informatics and foreign languages
    The product of the baking lesson at STHC

    The product of the baking lesson at STHC

Skills: Graduates know how to

  • Select right ingredients and facilities used in baking and making desserts
  • Make basic kinds of flour
  • Make different kinds of fillings
  • Make different kinds of Asian and European-style cakes and desserts
  • Master techniques and follow right procedures of making cakes and desserts
  • Make some cakes and desserts with high skills
  • Apply basic techniques in baking at hotels, restaurants and businesses


General subjects

  1. Politics
  2. Introduction to Laws
  3. Physical education
  4. Military education
  5. Introduction to Informatics
  6. Basic English

Basic subjects and modules

  1. Overview of Tourism
  2. Communication skills
  3. Communicative English
  4. English for Bakery
  5. Food Science
  6. Accounting
  7. Restaurant Services Training
    Techniques of cake decoration

    Techniques of cake decoration

Specialized subjects and modules

  1. Skills of making Asian & European-style patries
  2. Techniques of making European-style pastries (30 types)
  3. Techniques of making bread (20 types)
  4. Techniques of making Asian-style pastries
  5. Techniques of cake decoration
  6. Techniques of making plastic cake mold frames
  7. Techniques of making chocolate shapes and sugar decors
  8. Advanced techniques of making European-style pastries (30 types)
  9. Management a baking department
  10. Internship

Time of registration in 2021:

Receiving registration: since January 01st until December 31st,2021


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