Students who choose to pursue an education in the culinary arts will gain the tools necessary to become a successful chef here in Vietnam, or anywhere around the world.

Culinary Arts students working in one of our fully equipped kitchen facilities. Here at STHC, our students learn through creating.

Our culinary arts students are trained to specialize in a number of different cuisines including Asian, Western and European.

All of our students graduate with carving, knife work, and food styling skills, with the knowledge necessary to create a sucessful menu for any restaurant.

Our Culinary Arts program combines theory with hands-on class work. Our students get to work in fully equipped kitchen facilities, ensuring that they have the skills necessary to work in any high-pressure restaurant environment.

Along with cooking skills, culinary arts students are educated in teamwork, nutrition, diverse food cultures, and how to identify and meet the needs of any customer.

All of our culinary arts students have the opportunity to intern with a number of high class kitchens across the county and the world.

After two years, our students not only graduate knowing basic cooking skills, but truly become artists with food – creating delectable dishes to please any person’s palate.

Many of our graduates have gone on to win awards in their field, and gain employment in top restaurants internationally.