TRAINING PERIOD: 04 months. ( 5 days / week )

Executive Chef

Executive Chef

This executive chef class is a hands- on culinary training course for those who have experienced and are working at hotels, restaurants and other food processing facilities. Learners are asked for the requisite of a completion of those courses mentioned below: Culinary Techniques; Culinary Techniques of Vietnamese Dishes Class; Culinary Techniques of Western Dishes Class; Western-style baking and pastry arts; Advanced Asian-style Cooking Class at STHC.


Specialized Subjects and Modules

  • Kitchen Planning and operation
  • Inventory Management and Food Procurement
  • Religions and Dietary Choice
  • Workplace Safety Precautions
  • Fire Safety Precautions
  • Environment
  • The 3 regional differences in Vietnamese cuisine.
  • Designing and quantifying western menus.
  • Western Buffets
  • Modern Nutritious Cuisine
  • Standard Accounting
  • 5 Kinds of cold Western Sauce
  • An Introduction to three regional feast trays in Vietnam
  • An Introduction to Western Desserts
  • Customer Services
  • Cheese- Fromage
  • Menu
  • Ingredients


  • Western Buffet
    Executive Chef

    Executive Chef

  • Vietnamese Sauce
  • Imperial Cuisine
  • An Introduction to Distinctive Asian Ingredients
  • Food Decoration
  • Christmas-Themed Dishes
  • Cookies & Green Tea Ice-cream
  • Pizza & Quiche
  • Techniques of fruit and vegetables carving and decoration
  • An Introduction to Islamic Cuisine
  • An Introduction to Japanese Cuisine
  • Barbecue dishes
  • Grilled Shrimps with spicy sauce
  • Grilled Red Tilapia in Foil Packs
  • Grilled Pork Ribs
  • Asian-Themed Cuisine
  • Laksa Curry – Thai chicken Salad
  • Duck Curry -Thai Beef Salad


  • Air-conditioned classrooms with modern equipment classrooms and study materials meeting international standards.
  • Teachers with intensive working experience in international hotels and restaurants and in-depth training overseas.
  • The training certificate is recognized domestically and internationally.


  • Graduates of Executive Chef class can work as a head chef in restaurants, hotels and other food processing facilities.
  • STHC Employment Center will assist support graduates in looking for jobs in hotels and restaurants upon request.


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