Our Hotel Management program teaches students to effectively create a welcoming and luxurious hospitality experience for guests at any hotel in Vietnam, and across the world.

Our Hotel Management students practice the art of creative towel folding. It’s the little details that make a huge difference at STHC.

Students learn a variety of skills that form a complete understanding of hotel management that could apply to a variety of hotels and lodging facilities.

Students are educated in a number of different subject matter including the tourism industry, customer service, communication and orgnizational skills, making our graduates experts in guest satisfaction.

In addition, learners receive an extensive education in hotel supervision, housekeeping, restaurtant service, front desk and conceirge skills, ensuring that graduates have a wide breadth of knowledge in every facet of a hotel.

Health and safety is always top priority at STHC. Our students are trained to be able to meet the diverse health needs of customers and to ensure the safety of all guests.

English language skills are a highlight of this program, and students are given numerous opportunities through a number of language classes.

Our Hotel Management program gives students the skills necessary for a bright future in any possible career that exists within the walls of a bustling modern hotel.